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★209 → 이동해

Even though they, he was right there, right in front of me, I still refused to believe it. Everything seemed so unreal, like a dream. I don't even know what I felt that time. The moment he appeared, I just stared. I didn't know what to do. I was trembling. Was I scared? Was I too euphoric? I don't even know.

But... Donghae, you're all kinds of beautiful. You're perfect. You're an angel. Your smile outshines the millions of stars in the sky. I would always look after you, even if it means just watching your world from afar. I love you so much.

2 days of no rest, swollen ankles, stiff neck, and three shades darker, but I regret nothing. Everything that happened - it's all worth it.

Boys, don't ever stop bringing happiness. I love you.
Tags: donghae's cuteness is illegal, stop judging me, super junior: my life in general, what is this sanity you speak of
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